colorPOP's Hanami 2021

Welcome to Hanami! Please enjoy the beautiful colors of the blooming flowers. While you're celebrating, why not play some games?

Mini Masteries

Collect 10 cards to complete a mini deck! For more information, please view the section on the forum!


Work together with other members to complete the card chain. You can add your cards to the chain on the forum~

Sakura Petals

While watching the blooming sakura trees, you manage to see petals fluttering down. Why don't you collect them? Once the Hanami Event has ended, you can trade in your petals for extra prizes!Prize Shop is Coming Soon!!

Build a Picnic

What's a true hanami without some delicious snacks? Each week, a new item for our picnic will become available for you to find. Once a new week starts, the following week will not disappear, but you will have to find all four items before the start of May. Unlike Poppy, however, these objects can be found on card pages! Check the table below to see what items are available to be found:


Ichigo Daifuku

Sakura Mochi


Each item will also come with part of a password. Collect all four parts to gain a bonus prize!

Matsuri Bonus

Did you collect all four pieces of the password? Enter it below for an extra prize!