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February 21, 2021 17 comments

New Members: Angela, welcome!
Level Ups: Samu (Rose->Pink), Emelie, Zenit, Gaelle (Vermillion->Coral), congratrs!
Masteries: Lina (tokiyaichinose, ichigokurosaki), saya (makotokino, eevee, kasumitoyama, dragonsongwar, fayevalentine), lagoonaris (larxene, ranmarukurosaki, reijisakamaki, shinigamibeachparty), Mio (minaminitta, butlersinwonderland, reijisakamaki, weareonelight, aimiyashita), Emelie (yoshikotsushima, atsukokagari, hanayokoizumi, happypills, fayevalentine, member cards), Zenit (eevee, honokakosaka, rinhoshizora), Suza (futabasakura, genos, heartrainbow, nicoyazawa, preludetotheend, rikunanase, ranmouri), Gaelle (sebastianmichaelis, butlersinwonderland, arashikishu, preludetotheend) Mysti (milesedgeworth), congrats!!
Games: Weekly, Biweekly A

Shooting Star

Lee's wish: I wish for choice cards spelling out FEBRUARY! Max 2 per deck!
Samu's wish: I wish for 5 randoms for everyone :) Please take 5 cards from the randomizer, and comment with what you took!
Mio's wish: I wish for some free merch! (aka 1 free plush, manga or figure) Please comment with what you would like. If you own all available merch, or nothing interests you, you may hold on to this wish~


February is just going by in a flash! Now you may be asking, 'Joey, why aren't you releasing any new decks?' to which I will answer 'Because now YOU can vote for what decks get released!!' A Release Voting 'game' has been added to the weekly rotation. I will be adding more decks throughout the week as well, so if you don't see anything you particularly like, keep checking back.
We also still have spots open in the Collaboration decks, so if you haven't dropped off an image yet, please do~ If there was any confusion, you are allowed to donate an image to both rounds.

Next week's update will be on Monday to once again bundle together the weekly and monthly updates.

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