Spring: Start!

March 1, 2021 19 comments

Level Ups: Samu (Pink->Salmon), Mari (Red->Vermillion), Lina, Kupo, Lex (Vermillion->Coral), Mio, saya, lagoonaris (Coral->Orange)
Masteries: Lina (yuukoichihara, lisaimai, eevee, aimiyashita), Mio (amazingtraveldna, lisaimai, prejoin, ranmarukurosaki, kagomehigurashi, kurohyatogami, darkmousy, hanyuufurude, haruhifujioka, allenwalker), saya (allenwalker, orichibattle, zerokiryuu), Zenit (butlersinwonderland, yoshikotsushima, larxene), lagoonaris (prejoin, kogaoogami, kurohyatogami, sakura), Kupo (fayevalentine, lisaimai, preludetotheend, bandpractice, roymustang, ranmarukurosaki, member cards), Emelie (nicoyazawa), Mari (phoenixwright), Samu (killuazoldyck, darkmousy), Lex (balthier, bayonetta, chiyosakura, phoenixwright, rubykurosawa, usagitsukino, amazingtraveldna), Mysti (orochibattle)
Games: Weekly, Biweekly B, Monthly

Shooting Star

Lina's wish: I wish for PUZZLE cards spelling JIGSAW PIECE! Since we have such few puzzle decks, max 3 per decks. 'J' will be considered a wild card, and you may take any puzzle card for that letter!
Kayori's wish: 2 Free manga for everyone! Like with last week's wish, comment with which manga you would like added to your inventory. You may also save this wish if there are no series you are currently interested in!

New Decks

You may take a total card worth of 10. Only two cards per deck.
(Donators / Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or created)


A new month is upon us! Our Collaboration decks did not get finished last month, so even if you donated in February, you may donate again! Group Collect, however, was completed! Great job~ The following members may take the bonus prize: Kayori, Mio, Emelie, Kupo, lagoonaris, Lina, Mysti, Swim Swim, Suza, Gaelle, rian, Lex

Group Collect (Bonus): choicecard coupon, choicecard coupon

There are also some new event cards:

Event: event-032021, event-100decks

That's about all I have this week! See you all next Sunday~

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