Another Sunday

January 10, 2021 19 comments

New Members:finnley, Suza, Mari, Kairi, Swim Swim
Level Ups:Zenit, Cami, Lex, Mysti, Lee, finnley, Swim Swim (Rose -> Pink)
Masters:lagoonaris (kurohyatogami), Kayori (darkmousy), Mysti (carlos)
Games:Weekly, Biweekly A

Shooting Star

Swim Swim wished.... "I'd like to wish for Choice Cards spelling NEWYEAR"
Everyone may take one choice card for each letter in NEWYEAR, max two cards per deck. The deck does not need to start with the letter, but must contain it. Please comment with what you took below!
Cami, Cas, Mio, Kayori wished... "Double weekly game rewards!"
Weekly games will now give twice the rewards for this week!

New Decks

Everyone may take a total of 6 cards. No more than 2 per deck.
If you donated the deck, you may take an extra card from that deck. Comment with what you take!

A rather small update, but I'm happy to introduce puzzle decks! There is also one more new event card for everyone to take:
Event: event-012021

Listening to feedback, I have decided against changing the amount of rewards. After the prejoin period ends, I will be changing it so only one set of Biweekly games will be accessible each week, this way everyone will still be earning the same amount of cards, but new members will not immediately level up the day they join.

Thank you all for being so patient with me with the errors you come across, I really appreciate it I've been helping a friend with something that has had me out of the house all week, but my activity will be picking up in the next day or two so do expect some more quality of life changes around the site and a chunky upcoming deck list very soon!! If anyone is missing their member badge or card, or wants any changes done to coloring or cropping and does not want to join the discord channel (which is of course totes optional!) you can send a PM to colorPOP. If I missed anything this update, let me know!!

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