Floran is ready

March 7, 2021 2 comments

New Members: Frika, welcome!Level Ups: Lee (Vermillion->Coral), Emelie, Zenit, Gaelle, Lex (Coral->Orange), saya, Mio (Orange->Apricot)
Masteries: saya (carlos, morgana, alphonseelric, setsunahigashi, seiferalmasy, sasukeuchiha, phoenixwright, milesedgeworth), Mio (nicoyazawa, chii, usagitsukino, rubykurosaw, photonmelodies), Kupo (sasukeuchiha, sakurakinomoto, wintersweets, shinigamibeachparty, yukinaminato, royalsupport), Lina (balthier, emmaverde), Zenit (witchrepose, heartrainbow, genos, mochifestival), Emelie (yato, butlersinwonderland, sunfloweryukata, killuazoldyck), Gaelle (dragonsongwar, hanyuufurude, zerokiryuu, eevee, kastukibakugou), rian (shinigamibeachparty, sousukeaizen), Lex (fayevalentine, atsukokagari), Mysti (yuukoichihara, balthier), Lee (mochifestival, utenatenjou, bandpractice, chiyosakura, morgana, ruckus)
Games: Weekly, Biweekly A

Shooting Star

lee and Suza' wish: I wish for choice cards spelling out SPRING! Max two per deck!
Kupo and Emelie's wish: I wish for 1 choice card from each color!

New Decks

You may take a total card worth of 10. Only two cards per deck.
(Donators / Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or created)


Sorry for having to postpone the update, work is totally kicking my butt these past few weeks zzz This week is another small update, I'll be adding more to the shops this week so keep an eye out for new things to buy. I also am planning an event for April, so look forward to that! Otherwise, I will see everyone on Sunday!

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