Full Bloom

May 3, 2021 17 comments

Level Ups: Eviantus (Salmon, Red->Vermillion), Moelle (Pink->Vermillion), Mari (Coral->Goldenrod), Lee (Apricot->Goldenrod), Lina, Lex, Zenit (Goldenrod->Yellow), Mio (Lemon->Lime)
Masteries: Eviantus (sousukeaizen, haruhifujioka), Kupo (misakiokusawa, orochibattle, prejoin, mikakagehira, renjiabarai, photonmelodies, sebastianmichaelis, usagitsukino, ranmouri, yukisohma, gladiolusamicitia, happy), Lee (lordelmelloiii, diarmuiduadubhne, yukisohma, tohruhonda), Lex (milesedgeworth, arashikishu, prejoin, misakiokusawa, weareonelight, mikuhatsune), Lina (futabasakura, butlersinwonderland, mamoruchiba, mariohara, zerokiryuu), Mari (makotokino, milesedgeworth, seiferalmasy, hotarutomoe, usagitsukino, roymustang), mina (morgana), Mio (kasumitoyama, misakiokusawa, mochifestival, okitasouji, princessserenity, tohruhonda, camus, chii, kotoriminami, kyosohma, miraikuriyama, reisakuma, yuihirasawa, allenwalker, kogaoogami, shin, yukinaminato, nicoyazawa), Samu (balthier, yukinaminato), saya (hajimeichinose, yukisohma, sayakamiki, sakurakinomoto, terrabranford, blacklady, valentines, naomidorikawa), Zenit (ayamaruyama, beachsidedrive, darkmousy, forestfairies, kotoriminami, otomearisugawa, bandpractice, mariohara, morgana)
Games: Weekly, Biweekly A, Monthly

New Decks

You may take a total card worth of 5. Only two cards per deck. (Donators / Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or created)


It's already May, can you believe it? I feel like I say that every month but these days just seem to be flying by. Group Collect was completed, so the following members may take the rewards below: saya, rian, Katy, Moelle, Mysti, mina, Emelie, Lina, Mio, Suza, Zenit, lagoonaris

Group Collect (Bonus): choicecoupon, choicecoupon

A new month also means a new event card, and this month I have two for you:

Events: event-052021, event-hanami2021

With this update, the event has officially finished! I will be posting the last of the mini mastery rewards throughout the week. If you collected all four items and have the password, you can enter it on the Hanami 2021 page for a bonus prize~! The shop will be popping up on the forum soon and will last throughout May. Petals should no longer be showing up in the weekly games, so if you still find them, please let me know!

I have also (very lately) added in birthday presents!! If you had a birthday in January, February, March or April please click here. Otherwise, once it is your birth month, a link will appear on the sidebar for you to click!!

A new round of Collaborate is also up, following our rainbow theme. And that should wrap things up for this update. Things will be back on track next Sunday~

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