What day is it?!

January 25, 2021 21 comments

New Members:erin, Ashley
Level Ups:Kupo, Lina, Kairi (Rose->Pink), Emelie, Zenit, Mysti, Hotaru, Lex, Cami (Pink->Salmon), Lex, Mio, Kayori, lagoonaris (Salmon->Red), congrats!
Masters: lagoonaris (ranmouri, sebastianmichaelis, allenwalker, butlersinwonderland, ichigokurosaki, member cards, rikunanase), Emelie (killuazoldyck, sebastianmichaelis, roymustang), Zenit (futabasakura), Mysti (futabasakura, ranmouri, preludetotheend), Mio (sebastianmichaelis, allenwalker, mariohara, honokakosaka, ayamaruyama, rubykurosawa, tokiyaichinose), Hotaru (zerokiryuu, haruhifujioka), Kayori (haruhifujioka, member cards, kagomehigurashi, ranmarukurosaki, sebastianmichaelis, alphonseelric), Lex (larxene, seiferalmasy), Kairi (larxene, yukinaminato, kasumitoyama, ayamaruyama), Lee (ladyoscar, killuazoldyck, sakurakinomoto), Swim Swim (roymustang, hanayokoizumi, mariohara), Kupo (alphonseelric, darkmousy), Cami (rikunanase, makinishikino), congrats!!
Affiliates: Tracklist, Arctic Rose Directory
Games: Weekly, Biweekly A

Shooting Star

Kupo's wish: I wish for 3 choice pink cards Everyone may take 3 pink cards, max 2 per deck
Emelie's wish: I wish for 5 choice cards Max 2 per deck!

New Decks

Everyone may take a total of 11 cards. No more than 2 per deck.
If you donated the deck, you may take an extra card from that deck. Comment with what you take!

I swear I spent the whole day yesterday thinking it was Saturday and the whole morning today thinking it was Sunday @_@ January is really flying by! Our coupon exchange is finally on-site! You can access it thru your member panel or the games list. As we move closer to our opening date, I'll be testing out the new coding, so if something breaks or you see a blank page on the members list, etc, don't worry! I will be rolling out referral rewards throughout the week through inboxes.

Our Prejoin collaboration deck has been released!! If you donated an image, you may take that card in addition to the 10 for new decks. If your image was used as the master badge, you may take any card from the deck!

Question Time: I'd like to ask for some feedback regarding currency. How do you feel about the rate of currency being earned? Do you think you receive a fair amount? Would you like the amount to be increased/decreased? In relation to this, how are the shop prices in terms of Pop Points. Should I set a limit to how many cards you can buy a month? Any other comments regarding currency in general? Let me know!! If you answer any (or all) of these questions, please take two choice cards and three random cards from the randomizer as a reward, and please comment with what cards you took!

Apologies for such a late update!! See you for our first monthly update next week!

EDIT: Referral awards are now available via member panel!!

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